Delete Warning Filter

The DeleteWarningFilter alows user to use the existing filters for showing delete warning messages. Based on any custom filter condition user can show custom message while deleting. This will work side by side with delete RightFilter. If RightFilter and DeleteWarningFilter used together. First RightFilter will be evaluated then DeleteWarningFilter.

When using DeleteWarningFilter with Delete.Ask web configuration. Following are the behaviour:

DeleteWarningFilter Delete.Ask Warning Popup Warning Message
Match True Shown Message from DeleteWarningFilter
Not-Match True Shown Generic warning popup message
Match False Shown Message from DeleteWarningFilter
Not-Match False Not Shown N/A

Following is a example usage of DeleteWarningFilter feature, to enable confirmation popup while deleting the main activity in a recurrence series.

Here IsMasterContact field in MA is used for the filter, need to do the following configurations

  1. In the designer create a filter for MA as below:

    select from (MA) where (IsMasterContact='true')

    Set the Display Text as the message "This is the main activity in a series of recurring activities. Do you want to delete all activities in the entire series ?" in the filter.

  2. In the Delete Button need to add the Input Argument DeleteWarningFilter and set the newly added filter name. Use the modified delete button in the MA.Expand header

  3. Make sure to do the Client Data Model update.
  4. Do a full sync in CRM pad and try to delete a Main Activity. User will get the configured error message in a confirmation popup.