Using Values from a Rep (ID) Record as Filter Tokens

You can also use values from ID records as filter tokens. For example, the $parRepCountry filter token is replaced by the rep's country.

To configure which tokens can be used:

  1. Create a field group (e.g. ID.Copy) and add the fields that you want to use as filter tokens to the List control.

    Enter the desired function names into the Function field of each field, for example:

    Field Function
    Form of Address RepGender
    Country RepCountry
    Region RepRegion
  2. Create a Search&List configuration with the same name as the field group and select the Field Group (in the example ID.Copy) and the FilterName (in the example ID.curRep). If this filter does not exist, the Filter Token always references the values of the first rep found in the ID table:

  3. Enter the name of the Search&List configuration in the RepCopySearchandLists web configuration parameter, >> RepCopySearchAndLists:

You can apply these filter tokens in any query or filter by entering the following syntax: $par<FunctionName>.