If you assign the Tile:Search action, you can display a tile in the header of a record displaying the number of records found. However, you cannot assign an action to the tile in CRM.pad.

Input Argument



Name of the Search&List configuration defining the output field and the filter applied.


Name of a filter name that is additionally applied. If no filter was given in the Search&List, this filter is applied instead.


Name of a link record.


If a link record was given, you can specify the linkId to be applied.


You can specify an info area ID that is applied if name and filter were not given.


The search tile's style. You can use a CSS class or a CSS color (e.g. "#ABC", "#ABCDEF" or "rgba(255,234,210,0.7)")


Defines the width and height of the tile in the following syntax: <width>x<height>.

<width>supports the following values:

  • f: full screen
  • h: half of the screen
  • t: third of the screen
  • q: quarter of the screen

< height > supports numbers between 1 and 3 where 1 is one line and 3 is three. By default the tile is full width and full height.