If you assign the Tile:Record action, you can display a tile in the Details view header showing the content a field of the record, e. g. for a company you could display the Status. However, no action can be executed in CRM.pad when the user taps on the tile.

Input Argument



The record's UID.


Name of the table caption that defines which fields are displayed on the tile.


Name of the filter that defines the mapping between field values and images.


The search tile's style. You can use a CSS class or a CSS color (e.g. "#ABC", "#ABCDEF" or "rgba(255,234,210,0.7)")


Defines the width and height of the tile in the following syntax: <width>x<height>.

<width>supports the following values:

  • f: full screen
  • h: half of the screen
  • t: third of the screen
  • q: quarter of the screen

< height > supports numbers between 1 and 3, where 1 is one line high and 3 is three line high. By default the tile is full width and full height.