With this action template a record is synchronized instantly. It also synchronizes existing child records (e.g. company, contact person, contacts). The SyncRecord action template can e. g. be assigned to a button (that is added to the Edit page).

Example: You add an appointment to a company and to one of your contact persons in that company. If you tap the button for synchronizing in the company, the appointment for both records, the company (parent record) and the contact person (child record) are synchronized.

The record and all child records (if defined in the offline dataset, all depending record sets and the dataset with the same name as the infoareaid) are downloaded.

To include parent info area in the synchronization process, specify the SyncParentInfoAreaId input argument in NewView, RecordView and EditView action calls, >> NewView, EditView and RecordView.

Input Argument



The current record's ID.