Displays (by default) activities in a calendar. You can also define that additional company- and person-related data such as absences is displayed in the calendar.

Input Argument



A comma-separated list of context menu actions to display additional info areas in the calendar, e. g. absences. These context menu actions must have the CalendarView action assigned.

You can use this argument to display any company- or person-related info area in the calendar.

Default View Type

Defines the default view when the user opens the calendar. Possible values are: DAY, WEEK, MONTH (default), LIST.

Note: Setting the web configuration parameter CalendarView.RememberViewType to true will open the Calender in the view type last used by the user. For more information, see CalendarView.RememberViewType.


The field group where the Details control was defined that is used to display the calendar's pop-up.


Enables the function that displays iPad calendar items in CRM.pad.


The name of a button. With a long tap on the week or month view, the action assigned to this button is executed (e. g. a new appointment is created).


If set to true, the global settings are overridden (defined in the Web Configuration parameter, >> CalendarIncludeSystemCalendar).


Calendar items can be filtered by reps. In the default configuration, the MA.ParamRep filter is applied. If data from additional info areas such as absences are also displayed, all records are displayed by default, >> Displaying Absences or other Info Areas in the Calendar.


If set to true, the records are filtered by the current rep.