A record selector allows you to select data from another info area and "copy" them to the current info area. You can use the RecordSelect action template for record selectors of type record.

Note: The RecordSelect action replaces the JSON script formerly used. Do not use the JSON script anymore.

Input Argument



The info area from which field values are copied.


Info area of the record that is linked with the record selector.

You can also specify NoLink, e. g. if you use a record selector in several info areas.


The LinkId set by the record selector.


JSON array with function names to define the fields whose values are cleared before a new link is assigned.


JSON dictionary containing fixed values to be applied when the record selector is applied. Syntax:



Prefix for the function names defined in the target configuration (ConfigName). This prefix is combined with the identifiers (Function field) specified for the source copy fields in the target field group.


The given LinkId is used for the record selector's Search&List configuration.


You can define certain format parameters (using JSON syntax).


  • If the source List control of the record selector contains fields with the FirstName and LastName Functions assigned, you can enter {"FullName":"%FirstName %LastName"}. This allows you to assign a function called FullName in the desired target Edit control resulting in first and last name being copied to the target record.
  • If you enter {"FullName":"my :2 "}, the text no. 2 from the smarbook:my textgroup is applied (i.e. a language-dependent string is displayed).


Defines whether default filters (e. g. recently used) are displayed.

Default value: false


If set to true, a filter button allowing the user to show all records is displayed.


If set to true, the read-only flag is ignored.