This action template displays records in List view.

Input Argument


Enabled Filter

Comma-separated list of filters that are enabled by default.

Note: Do not enter filters that contain parameters.


If set to true, the user can scan items with a barcode scanner. Default value: false.


Defines the mode that is applied if an alternate Expand configuration (or a configuration that is different from the info area name) exists where the colors for the bar left of a search result item is defined.

Possible values:

  • &1 (default): For example, it is not checked, whether the search result contains items of a virtual info area.
  • &2: Displays the colored bar for the default Expand configuration as well.
  • &4: Displays the colored bar for virtual info areas as well, if the Expand configuration's name is the same as the virtual info area's name.
  • &8 (ignore colors): No colored bars are displayed.

To combine values, add the values (e. g. &3 for &1 plus &2).


If set to true, the user can swipe from one record to the next when this action is executed.

Note: You can also define that the swipe function is globally enabled by setting the View.RecordSwipeEnabledDefault Web configuration parameter >> View.RecordSwipeEnabledDefault.


If this argument is empty or set to false, items in (company and person) lists are not grouped.

If set to any other value, list items are grouped based on the list item's first letter. An index is displayed on the left side of the list. If the user taps on the desired letter, records starting with that letter are displayed.


Obsolete, for compatibility purposes only. Use >> CalendarView instead.


Obsolete, for compatibility purposes only. Use >> CalendarView instead.


Max. number of records displayed in list.


Name of the filter that defines the quick action applied.


If set to true, geo coordinates of address data is displayed in the map (if the geo coordinate fields were added to the referenced List control).


Defines the style how a list is displayed, >> ListStyle Input Argument.