In some cases, you can assign the OrganizerAction action template and define the Action input argument to determine which functions are carried out.

Input Argument



Defines which functions are executed. The following actions are available:

  • Edit: Enables the edit mode.
  • Delete: To delete existing records.
  • switchToEditSerialEntry: Enables the quick add's Edit mode.
  • ModifyRecord: To apply pre-defined changes to a record.
  • RecordSwitch: Defines the follow-up action to be executed.

    Example: A report was signed and cannot be changed anymore. If you send this report by e-mail, the report is generated anew (possibly containing different data then the signed one). You can prevent this behavior using the RecordSwitch action.

  • toggleFavorite: Adds/removes a record to the Favorite list.


Name of a button that has the desired context menu action assigned.


Name of the filter that defines pre-defined values that are applied.