Use this action template if you want to define that URLs are handed-over including the current record as parameter.

Input Argument



Name of the field group were the required functions were assigned in the List control, or the Search & List configuration that references this field group.


The current record (Record).


The encoding for the selected parameters.

Possible values:

utf8 (default), ascii, nextstep, japanese, isolation1, symbol, nonlossyasci, shiftjis, isolatin2, unicode, windowscp1250, windowscp1251, windowscp1252, windowscp1253, windowscp1254, iso2022jps, macosroman, utf16


The URL to be called. You can add the current rep' name to an URL, e.g.$curRep;

The URL can also contain optional parameters that are mapped to a field in the field group given under FieldGroup.

Syntax: {$<NAME>}


  • {$town} is replaced with the value of the field that has the town function assigned in the List control, e. g.:


  • {recid0} is replaced with the root record's ID of the referenced field group. If more than one parent root record exist in a row, you can specify the desired record by specifying the sequential number, e. g. {recid3}.Passing parameters are supported.
Note: OpenUrl is supported in RecordListView under list selection action.