This action templates displays the New view allowing the user to enter data for a new record.

Input Argument Description
AdditionalParameters Example: You can define a JSON that adds a value to the copy field parameters (i.e. the fields must have the corresponding functions assigned in the field groups).


{"Date":"$Date$", "Time":"$Time$"}

When the user wants to add a new appointment in the calendar by tapping on the desired date and time and, the variables in the JSON are replaced.

LinkId2 The LinkId to the second linked record, e.g. an MA record that is linked to a FI and AU record.
LinkRecordId2 The LinkRecordId to the second linked record.
Mode New (fixed value).
SyncParentInfoArea Comma-separated list of parent info areas that are also synchronized.

For example, if changes in parent records are caused by a trigger, these changes are only synchronized when the info areas are given in this argument.

LinkRecordId ID of the linked record.
TemplateFilterName Filter that defines the initial or fixed values.
CopySourceFieldGroupName The field group where the fields you want to copy have been marked accordingly.
CopySourceFieldGroupFrom Online When you use the CopySouceFieldGroupName parameter (described above), the field values are copied from the offline records (by default). To ensure that the field values are copied from the online record, set this parameter to true.
CopyRecordId Defines the record for CopySourceFieldGroupName (if LinkRecordId was left empty or another than the given record should be taken into account).
ErrorTranslation List of field groups (separated by semicolon) containing alternative error messages, >> Defining Error Messages.
ClientRightsFilterName Name of the filter applied when editing a record, e.g. you can define that MA records cannot be created in the past.

If not given, ClientFilterForNew is applied instead (and if this is not given, ClientFilter is applied as fallback).

Options Additional options can be given in JSON syntax.


Link fields can be set locally, e. g. if linked records are added in offline mode, >> System.OfflineStationNumber. If you specify {"ComputeLinks":true} in the Options argument, link record IDs are generated for the server records.

keyboardWithScanned Suggestions Set this option to CONTROLS to use the QR-Code scanner.
SubRecordTemplateFilterName Template Filter name that defines whether a new parent record and it's child records are created automatically based on a filter's criteria.
Note: This input argument is not yet included in the update_tablet configuration, therefore, copy the action template to your configuration, add the input argument manually and assign the Filter - optional type.