This action template displays the Edit view allowing the user to edit existing data.

Input Argument



Name of the field group where the fields you want to copy have been marked accordingly.


Defines the action that is executed when the record is saved.

Possible values:

  • "Button:<buttonName>"
  • "Menu:<contextMenuName>"
  • "Return" returns to the page that was displayed before the Edit/New view was called.


Comma-separated list of parent info areas to be synchronized.

For example, if changes in parent records are caused by a trigger, these changes are only synchronized when the info areas are given in this argument.


Name of the Expand configuration to be applied.


Record ID to determine the copy fields defined in the field group given in CopySourceFieldGroup. This value can differ from the value given under LinkRecord when a new record is created.


If set to true, Filter Tokens that were defined with the RepCopySearchAndList Web Configuration parameter are refreshed, >> RepCopySearchAndLists.


Additional options can be given in JSON syntax.


Link fields can be set locally, e. g. if linked records are added in offline mode, >> System.OfflineStationNumber. If you specify {"ComputeLinks" :true } in argument, link record IDs are generated for the server records.


List of field groups separated by semicolon containing alternative error messages, >> Defining Error Messages.


Name of the filter applied when editing a record, e.g. you can define that MA records cannot be created in the past.

If not given, ClientFilterForUpdate is applied instead (and if this is not given, ClientFilter is applied as fallback).