If you assign this action template, the user cannot only generate the report but can also have the customer sign it (e.g. if the report is an order).

In addition to the input arguments available for the ClientReport action template, the following arguments can be specified for ClientReportWithAction:

Input Argument



The field group where the fields you want to copy have been marked accordingly.


Name of a context menu action that calls the DocumentUpload action, >> DocumentUpload. In this DocumentUpload call, the DocumentFieldFieldGroup must be given specifying the field in which the generated document (PDF file) is stored.


If set to true, the report is send as attachment.


See >> SigningConfig Input Argument.


Name of the XML root element. Data is queried in all branches/knots of this root element.


A semicolon-separated list of additional Search&List configurations to be applied.


By default, an order summary is available for the quick add. In the update.tablet configuration, this order summary is based on a report. The XML file for this report must be transferred to the device. To include the XML file to the data transfer, it is handled as an image, as no other resources can be transferred. Therefore, an item (for the order summary: Xsl :OrderSummary) must exist in the Images area of CRM.designer for the XML file.


Name of the button allowing the user to sign the document.


Name of the filter defining whether the button given under ButtonName is displayed.


If set to true, a print button is displayed.