Full Synchronization

The full synchronization transfers the data model, catalog values, the configuration, record data, configuration resource files, and documents as defined beforehand.

Note: Records deleted on the server are not transferred to the device (i.e. are not deleted on the device) unless a full synchronization is carried out.

Data is transferred in several requests that are sequentially processed:

The application is blocked during synchronization, other actions cannot be carried out.

Data is fully synchronized when a user accesses the application for the first time. Afterwards, the user is reminded to fully synchronize data regularly. After a certain time period, users cannot access the application anymore without carrying out a full synchronization. You can define the interval, when a user must carry out a full synchronization with the following web configuration parameters:

If the application is terminated during the synchronization, the state is stored on the device. If the user logs in again, the synchronization continues.

Note: Records that are not included in the offline dataset are removed from the device when the next full synchronization is carried out, >> Offline Record Set / Offline Data Set.