Adding a Toggle Favorites Button

You can add a toggle button to companies or persons that toggles the Favorites state of a record.

To add the toggle button:

  1. Add a button called ToggleFavorites to the Buttons area.

    Label and image are automatically assigned.

  2. Assign OrganizerAction as Action and enter toggleFavorite in the Action input argument.

    You can ignore the other parameters.

  3. Add this button to the desired expand header.
  4. Define the following two filters. Use the given names, other names are not recognized by the system.
    • Defines how the FV record is created, when a user adds a record as a favorite, for example:

      This example defines that the field Rep-ID is set to the current rep and the favorite is marked as web favorite.

    • FV.currentRep: Defines which of the existing FV records are displayed.

      Note: If a record is a favorite but is not marked as Aurea CRM web favorite, it is deleted even if it is marked as another applications favorite, e.g. connector, etc.