Adding a Logo or Background Image to the Login Page

You can add your company's logo or another background image to the login page.

As images are part of the configuration, you need to synchronize the configuration in order to display the image. Therefore, when the user logs in for the first time, CRM.pad default logo is displayed.

To add a logo or background picture to the login page:

  1. Copy the picture to the installation and register the image file, >> Images.
  2. Define the Web Configuration parameters that define what images are displayed on the login page, >> LoginLogo, Login.CustomBackgroundImage and Login.InsightBoard.
  3. Define the Web Configuration parameters that determine how the background image is displayed, >> Login.DisableBlurredBackground, Login.Fullscreen and Login.FullscreenAlpha.
    Note: If all three Web Configuration parameters are set to their default values, they are ignored.
  4. Carry out a full synchronization.