Configuring the Search Menu

If desired, you can replace the SMARTBOOK application menu with a self-defined search menu.

In this case you need to define the info area-related searches in an application menu named $AppSearchMenu.

A self-defined menu can consist of the following items:

The global search: Data is searched in all info areas on the device (offline mode).
Info area-related searches: You must create a context menu action with the RecordListView action template assigned for each info area. All other action templates are ignored.
History search: The recently viewed records are listed.
Favorites: The records you defined as Favorites are listed.

To define your own search menu:

  1. Add an application menu named $AppSearchMenu.

    Add the desired items and assign the following action templates:

Application Menu Action Name

Action Template


>> GlobalSearch.


Note: In addition, you need to add another application menu action named HistoryView having the same content structure as $HistorySearch.

>> HistoryListView.


>> MultiSearch.

For each info area an application menu action

>> RecordListView.