Displaying Documents in the Quick Add

You can also add documents to the quick add edit pane to display, e.g. the description or a photo of a product.

To add documents to the quick add edit panel:

  1. Switch to the SerialEntry action call and enter the desired documents and filters in the DocumentsDefinition input parameter field in JSON syntax:




    The following JSON string parameters are also available:

    • Style (optional): Defines the document type and can contain the following values:
      • IMG (only images)
      • NOIMG (all files except images)
      • DEFAULT (all files)
    • addPhotoDirectButtonName: The name of a button that has the PhotoUploadAction assigned, >> Uploading Pictures. If set, the user can upload photos in the Quick Add.
  2. Switch to the List control of the Quick Add's field group (e.g. ARSerialEntry) and assign the required Function that you will need for the filter, for example $parBrand for the Brand field:

  3. Define a filter (e.g. D1.Brand) and add the function name from the previous step to use the field's content as filter criterion: