Displaying a Documents List

You can define that a list of documents is displayed. This list can be called with an application menu or as a tab in an info area listing all related documents.

To define that a document list is displayed:

  1. Assign DocumentView as action template to the application menu action or to the tab.

    For a description of the parameters see >> Search.

  2. You can group the documents. Add a field to the field group that is referenced in the List control and enter groupingKey in the Function field. For example, if you assign the groupingKey function to the Mime Type field, the documents are grouped by extension (e. g .jpg or .doc files).
  3. If you want to display a different header, define the desired header by specifying the HeaderName input argument.

    The following graphic shows how to assign the action template to an application menu item:

This definition results in a document list being displayed for the user: