Configuring the Date Picker's Behavior on the Start Page

By default, the user's activities for the current week are displayed after the user switches to the start page. And if the user taps on a specific date, the activities for the week of the selected date are displayed.

You can change the default behavior, so that the user can list either the selected day's or the selected week's activities.

To configure the date picker's behavior:

  1. Define a filter as follows:

    Note: Instead of defining a new filter, you could also adjust the existing MA.DashboardCalendar filter accordingly.
  2. Switch to the StartPage Legacy Form:

  3. Specify the following:
    1. Enter {"OutputRange" :true } in the Options argument field of the DatePicker row.
    2. In the update.tablet configuration, $curDay is entered in the Func field by default. Delete this value.
    3. In the Func field of the RecordList and the Map rows, the filter applied is referenced (by default MA.DashboardCalendar). If you defined a new filter, replace this value with the name of your filter.
      Note: The filter referenced must contain the following condition Date>=$parParam.1.1 AND Date<=$parParam.1.2 AND Rep ID=$curRep
    4. Change the RecordList's default Text (My Activities this week) to match your configuration.