Starting CRM.pad from Another Application

You can, for example, fill the shopping cart in an external application and then access the order's quick add directly:

  1. You need to define a button with the syntax external: <ActionName> calling the desired action.
    Note: A button only named <ActionName> is not executed. The external prefix is required for the button, but must not be given in the URL.
  2. You need to hand-over an URL in the following syntax:


    Replace <ActionName> with the desired action's name.



  3. If no <ActionName> is given, the default aaction for the info area is executed. All parameters that are supported by this default action can also be given using the syntax <ParameterName>=<Value>


    crmpad://action?recId=FI.x00000064000004ab calls the FI info area's default action.

    crmpad://action?recId=FI.x00000064000004ab&RequestOption=Online calls the FI info area's default action and the RequestOption set to Online.