Users and Configurations

The behavior and functionality of CRM.pad is controlled by the current user's configuration and its parent configurations.

The default configuration used by CRM.pad and is called update.tablet. This is a root configuration, i.e. it is in no way connected to UPDATE_DEFAULT used for Aurea CRM web.

You cannot change or delete the update.tablet configuration.

To create a custom configuration:

  1. On the CRM.designer main page select "CRM.pad" from the Application drop-down list.

    The Configuration field is automatically updated to update.tablet.

  2. Click New Sub-Configuration.
  3. Enter a name and an (optional) description.
  4. Click Save.

Since it is not possible for a user to change configuration units in CRM.pad and (define lists, store queries, etc.), the automatic creation of a user configuration is not supported.

All user configurations have to be created and configured by the administrator.

  1. If you want to use one custom configuration for all users, assign this configuration to the "DefaultUser".

To create a user:

  1. On the CRM.designer start page in the Configuration area, click Users | Configurations.
  2. In the User area enter the user's login name as User Name.
  3. Select a Configuration.

    (The create new config flag is not supported by CRM.pad and

  4. Select "CRM.pad" as Application.

  5. Click (Add).

When the user logs on to CRM.pad or, the assigned configuration is used.