Defining a Default Registration

If no server has been registered yet, the server is registered automatically with "update" as <NAME>. This is applied in SaaS environments where you do not need to register a server.

If you want to set a default registration that automatically accesses your (in-house) server, you can edit the info.plist file (stored in the Products/Applications/ directory) using XCode. You must sign this file afterwards anew.

Note: You can only define a default registration if the app itself has been signed, for information see >> CRM.pad Deployment document that you can download from

To define the default server:

  1. In the info.plist file, the com.update.CRMpad.defaultServer property is set to:

    Change this property accordingly to your server.

  2. You can also define that a user cannot log on to any other server by setting the com.update.CRMpad.defaultServer.force to YES (default value: NO).