Splitting the Dataset Definition

More than one dataset can be defined for an info area and each definition is treated as an independent request. If you define complex filters (linked using "OR") or multiple child info areas (that are also linked using "OR"), each setting can be moved to a separate dataset.

The same record can be returned by multiple datasets, but avoid large overlaps as this data needs to be transferred over the network multiple times to the iPad.

If a dataset is split into multiple datasets, child datasets are only synchronized with the original dataset. For example, if KP is synchronized for all FI, and the FI dataset is split into FI, FI2 and FI3, both FI2 and FI3 need to be referenced by the KP dataset, or separate KP2 and KP3 datasets need to be defined for FI2 and FI3 to ensure that all KP records are transferred for all FI records.