Synchronization Conflicts

Users can work offline when no server connection is available. The request is then stored on the device as an uncommitted request and the changes are applied in the local database. When a server connection is re-established, CRM.pad automatically sends the uncommitted requests to the server and updates the data in the Aurea CRM database.

However, when a request cannot be committed the server returns an error. In this case:

  1. The error is stored locally and the request is marked as blocked.
  2. This request's changes are reset locally (i. e. changed data is not available for the user anymore when searching or viewing data – both offline and online).
  3. All dependent uncommitted requests (i. e. changes to the same record and new child records) are also blocked and are not available for the user anymore.
  4. The user is informed about the synchronization conflict and can try to fix the problem.