CRM.pad Server Request Timeout

Each CRM.pad server request is subject to two timeouts. The lower value determines the maximum execution time:

  1. The server's ASP.NET timeout after which the server request is canceled (default = 90 seconds). You can increase this value in the web.Config file: <!-- Increase script timeout to five minutes --> <httpRuntime executionTimeout="300" ... other configuration attributes .../>
  2. The default client request timeout of the CRM.pad is 60 seconds (i.e. 60 seconds, CRMpad assumes that the server does not respond). You can increase this value with the ClientRequestTimeout Web Configuration parameter, >> Web Configuration Parameters and Layouts.
    Note: This setting is available for CRM.pad version 1.3.1 and higher in iOS6.
  3. For a thin connection (e.g. GSM) the timeout hardly ever occurs. A timeout occurs only if time runs out before the first response package is transferred. Still, a full synchronization on a thin connection will probably take a long time.
Note: Do not set the timeout without limits (although possible) as the server timeout restricts the server’s workload and the client timeout is important for usability.