Spotlight Search Support

CRM.pad supports the Spotlight search introduced in IOS 9.0. Spotlight search allows you to search for and access information from within your app. It allows you to access activities and contents deep within your Aurea CRM application.

CRM.designer allows you to configure the following:

The following types of indexes are made available by IOS 9:

Note: At present only On-device index is supported.

CRM.pad does not support spotlight search on all apple devices. Refer to the table below for supported devices.

Note: You will have to upgrade to iOS9.0 to be able to use this search feature.


Initial Operating System

Support status

iPad Mini (first gen)

iOS 6

Not supported

iPad Mini 2

iOS 7


iPad Mini 3

iOS 8.1


iPad Mini 4

iOS 9.0


iPad (first generation)

iOS 3.2

Not supported

iPad 2

iOS 4.2.1

Not supported

iPad 3

iOS 5.1

Not supported

iPad 4

iOS 6.0


iPad Air

iOS 7.0.3


iPad Air 2

iOS 8.1