Integrating CRM Server with MobileIron

To integrate MobileIron with the CRM Server, perform the following:

  1. Enable MobileIron.AppConnectOnOff web configuration parameter for CRM.pad designer configuration. To add the parameter and then enable it, perform the following:
    1. Login to the CRM.designer.
    2. Select CRM.pad from the Application dropdown list and select the appropriate Configuration to configure.
    3. Click Web Configuration from the Configuration menu.
    4. Add the MobileIron.AppConnectOnOff parameter and click the checkbox to enable it.

  2. Click Policies and Configs and set up CRM.pad application configuration and container policy. Perform the following steps:
    1. To set the App configuration, from the Add New dropdown list, select AppConnect > App Configuration. The New AppConnect App Configuration window opens. Enter a Name for the application and enter com.update.CRMpad in the Application field. Provide other information as necessary and click Save.

    2. To set the App container policy:
      1. From the Add New dropdown list, select AppConnect > Container Policy. The New AppConnect Container Policy window displays.

      2. Enter a Name for the policy and enter com.update.CRMpad in the Application field.
      3. You can set the data loss prevention Policies by setting the appropriate permissions for CRM.pad data. For example, selct the Allow Open In checkbox, and select AppConnect apps or you can select Whiltelist and provide a list of applications that can open CRM.pad data.
    3. You can view the details of a configuration or policy by click the desired item from the list. The details are listed in the right side of the window.

      The following screenshots show the app configuration properties. You can expand the listed property to view its details:

      The following screenshot shows the details of the App container policy: