MobileIron integration with CRM.pad application

MobileIron is a leading provider of Mobile Device Management (MDM) software and solutions. MobileIron solution provides security for CRM.pad application data when the user is mobile or at rest. It also provides data loss prevention control.

MobileIron provides the following advantages:

If you already use CRM.pad application and want to integrate it with MobileIron, perform the following:

  1. Get the unsigned application archive file from Aurea.
  2. Use your Apple Enterprise License to sign the archive.
  3. Use the AppConnect wrapper for iOS to wrap the application archive.

New users can install CRM.pad application version with the AppConnect integrated from the AppStore. The AppConnect integrated version detects if MobileIron is used and uses it to securely communicate with the CRM server.

Note: If your users are using MobileIron Sentry, then append enablemobileiron=true the URL to ensure that you are able to connect to the CRM Server. This will ensure that MobileIron is started before the connection with CRM Server is initiated. Without this parameter the MobileIron Sentry will block CRM.pad from connecting to the CRM Server. This configuration is valid only for CRM.Pad package released by Aurea with the AppConnect integration.