Copying Records from the Same Info Area

If the source and target record are from the same info area, the filter needs to define either predefined values to be applied or the child info area(s) where to you want to copy data.


Func parameter for TriggerExecution: $CopyDate ;$ Record;CopyRecord;PR.CopyFilter


This filter defines that a new offer (PR) record is automatically added containing the following values:

A new AP (Offer Item) record is added for each offer item of the source (PR) record and the same rules are applied (i. e. the link to the new PR record is automatically set).

Note: If (like in the example above) no Search&List configuration was given (and therefore, no List control is referenced), the List controls with the same name than the info area (PR and AP in the example) are used. If you want to reference a different Search&List configuration (and its List control), use Parameter :SourceConfig =<Search&List name<, >> see the example in Copying Records from a Different Info Area).