Configuring the Google Analytics Tracker

To track the CRM.pad application using Google Analytics, you can:

  1. Use the main tracker provided by Aurea CRM. This will track all aspects of CRM.pad application. Use the GoogleAnalytics.MainTrackerEnabled parameter to disable tracking by Google Analytics tracker provided by Aurea. Tracking for CRM.pad application is enabled by default.
  2. Enterprise customers can use their own Google Analytics tracker and they can specify which of the menus, screens, and buttons of the CRM.pad application can and cannot be tracked.

To use your own Google Analytics tracker (enterprise customers), perform the following steps:

  1. Disable tracking by Google Analytics tracker provided by Aurea by setting the parameter GoogleAnalytics.MainTrackerEnabled to false.
  2. Set the value of your google analytics tracker id using the GoogleAnalytics.CustomerTrackerId web parameter in the designer.
  3. Set tracking controls on the screens, menus and buttons of CRM.pad application by adding them to the white list or black list web configuration parameters. For more details on Google Analytics web configuration parameters, see >> Google Analytics Parameters.

    Consider the following examples:

    1. Adding FI.Search and MA.Edit to the parameter GoogleAnalytics.ScreenBlackList ensures that all screens are tracked except the Search Company and Edit Activity screens.
    2. Adding FI.* to the parameter GoogleAnalytics.ScreenWhiteList ensures that only the screens from Company info area will be tracked.
    3. Now, adding FI.Search to the GoogleAnalytics.ScreenBlackList will ensure that only the Company search screen is not tracked, while the condition defined in point 2 will ensure that all the other screens from the company info area area are tracked.

      A sample configuration screenshot is provided below: