Google Analytics Integration

CRM.pad application running on Apple devices is integrated with Google Analytics. Using Google analytics you can track and understand the usage of the CRM.pad application by your users. This can provide you with valuable insights into your business as well as measure the results of your marketing campaigns, behavioural flow patterns of CRM.pad users, help develop KPIs by collecting data ratios and counts.

Some of the key information that can be extracted by the Google Analytics integration are listed below:

Note: Enterprise users can use their own Google Analytics tracker and can further customize the tracked components. Standard users of Aurea CRM can use Google Analytics tracker provided by Aurea.

The following screenshots show the metrics captured on screen events, user sessions, and screen behavior flows of the CRM.pad users by Google analytics.

Figure 1. Total number of screen events Vs the total number of user sessions

Figure 2. Total number of Screens Viewed Vs Average time spent on a screen

Figure 3. Behaviour flow showing screens and action events for company detail