Adding pre-defined Analyses and Queries to CRM.pad Dashboard

To add Analysis and Queries to a CRM.pad application dashboard, perform the following steps in the CRM.designer:

  1. Click Legacy Forms on the Start page of the CRM.designer.
  2. Enter a name for the legacy form that will display the Queries and Analysis in the CRM.pad.
  3. Use the copy from drop-down list to select an existing legacy form as a template to create the new form. Click the plus button to add the new form.
  4. Click the Edit button to edit the new form and add the pre-defined Queries and Analyses to the form.
  5. Select the Mask Type and enter the required details for the Legacy forms. For more information on working with Legacy forms, see >> Legacy Forms.
  6. Click on New Tab and provide the Text for the tab in the CRM.pad.
  7. Click New Row to add a new record to the tab, this record will describe the information that needs to be displayed in the Tab for the Start page of the CRM.pad. For more information on configuring a row, see >> Analysis and Query Types.

    The following screenshot shows a fully configured legacy form called start page for the CRM.pad application. Three tabs are defined in this configuration: Overview; Queries and Analyses; and Queries and Analyses Linked. The subsequent screenshots shows the corresponding start page with the corresponding tabs open, in the CRM.pad application running on an iPad.

The following screenshot shows the corresponding tabs defined in the designer above displayed in the CRM.pad application. This screenshot shows the Overview tab. It is displaying the records as defined in the rows for the Overview tab in the designer.

The following screenshot shows the Queries and Analysis tab. It is displaying the Query and the two Analyses MAKPFI and SALESFUNNEL as defined in the designer.