Configuring Analyses

This chapter only describes how to configure an analyses to be displayed in CRM.pad. See the Aurea CRM web Administrator Guide on defining an analyses (e.g. the included values and categories).

Analyses are executed locally on your iPad.

To add an analysis:

  1. Define a configuration unit that calls the analysis:
    • Button, >> Buttons.
    • Menu action or context menu action, >> Menus.
    • A panel in the Details control, >> ANALYSES_<AnalysisName>.

      Users cannot manipulate the analysis in this panel. However, you can add a button to the page's header allowing the users to switch to the analysis page where the available options like drill-down, drill-up, etc. are available.

  2. Assign the Analysis action template to the desired configuration unit, >> Analysis.
  3. Add the configuration unit to the desired info area.