Displaying Interests/Characteristics in a Company's the Details View

A quick way to display characteristics exists for the company info area.

Note: At present, you cannot add a characteristics panel to the person (KP, PE) info areas.

To display the characteristics in the company's Details view:

  1. Add a panel to the Details control of the desired field group (e.g. FI) and assign the CHARACTERISTICS type, >> CHARACTERISTICS:
  2. Add the following fields and assign the following functions:
    Field Function
    Interest Group (0) (IT) Group
    Interest (1) (IT) Item
    Date and FreeC1 No function required
    Any other field ShowAdditionalFields
  3. Ensure that the IT field group is also configured. At least the List control must contain the above fields (functions need not be assigned).
  4. The characteristics are displayed in CRM.pad as follows: