Adding Further Info Area Nodes

You can either add further info area nodes or you can refer to other ones or even the same tree view node.

To add further nodes, e. g. companies:

  1. Switch to the desired tree view, e. g. FI_CoI and add another tree node, e.g. Company:

  2. Define the Info Area, the Link ID and the Relation Name in the Info Area Settings area.

    Enter {"Type":"Tree :FI _CoI"} (where FI_CoI is the name of the desired tree view configuration) in the Widget Options field. If a record that is linked by the Link ID #1 is found, the FI_CoI tree view is applied and this node is handled as if it was the root node of the FI_CoI tree view.

  3. The following Widget Option functions are also available:
    • EdgeEditAction: To specify a context menu action that is executed if the Edit button of the edge list is tapped.
    • NoteDetailAction: To specify a context menu action that is executed when the user taps on a row in the edge list or double-taps on a node.