Specifying the Nodes Details

You can define that different fields are displayed in the CoI depending on the relationship type. For example, a relationship defined for a company is displayed differently from a relationship defined for a person.

To specify the nodes details:

  1. Switch to the desired Tree view, e. g. FI_CoI and add another tree node, e.g. Person (PE):

  2. Enter {"Type":"LinkNode"} in the Widget Options field.

    The records that have been loaded by the parent Search&List configuration are then checked whether the parent records can be linked with the current info area records. In the example above, the system checks whether the PB records can be linked with the PE record by the Link ID #1. If yes, the fields that have the trgNodeField, listField and mainField functions assigned apply the trgNodeFieldPE, listFieldPE and mainFieldPE instead.

    Note: By default, the info area ID of the selected info area (e. g. PE for the Person info area) is added to the default function names as suffix. However, you can also enter another function name in the Relation Name field.

    This node (LinkNode) only serves for further individualization of the results, no further queries are executed.

  3. Add another node for the Company (FI) and set the same parameters than for the Person (PE) info area. This allows to display different fields for these two info areas.
Note: The order of the given info areas matters in this example. Usually, a PB/PE relationship also checks for a FI link. You can avoid this by adding the tree view node for PE before the FI node.