Tree View

To define the Tree view:

  1. Switch to the desired info area's field group, e. g. FI_CoI, add a tree view and define the root node, e.g. Company:

  2. Add the Relationship (PB) info area and enter the name of the Search&List configuration you defined previously for the CoI in the FI info area, e.g. FI_CoI, in the Search&List field of the Info Area Settings area:

    A query is executed for the info area given in the Search&List field using the root node's RecordId. In the example above, all relationships are loaded for he root node company.

  3. You can also set the following options:
    • Record Count: Defines the max. number of hits.
      Note: The number of hits might not be the same than the existing number of nodes as several relationships can exist between two nodes. By default, the record count is set to 5 for performance reasons. For offline queries, a higher value might be applicable.
    • Hide Groupnode: If set, a group node is displayed for each given Search&List in separate tabs.