Circle of Influence (CoI)

The circle of influence displays relationships between records in a graphical overview. The nodes represent e.g. company and person records, the lines the relationship records.

If a node has more than 5 sub-nodes, two buttons with < and > are displayed. If the user clicks on them, the previous or next records are displayed.

Users can expand or collapse further levels by clicking on a node. The levels are color-coded depending on how remotely they are related to the center node.

A list of all available relationships can be displayed at the bottom of the graph.

You can define which records are displayed by specifying a fixed filter for the action,

In CRM.pad, two action templates are available to configure the Circle of Influence:

The circle of influence consists of nodes (representing records) and edges (illustrating the relationships), MiniDetails, and a toolbar containing functions applicable to the current node.