Barcode Scanner

You can also use either external barcode scanning devices or iPad's camera to add items (instead of using the keyboard).

To enable the barcode scanner:

  1. Set the ScanMode input argument of the SerialEntry action call to true:

    An additional button () is displayed. The user can turn the scan mode on or off with this button.

  2. If you want to use iPad's camera, enable the SoftScannerEnabled Web Configuration parameter, >> SoftScannerEnabled.
Note: The SerialEntry action template's DestinationConfigName and DestinationChildConfigName input arguments determine the field group that is searched for a field with the Value function assigned. If a field of the same field group has the StepSize function assigned, the value of this field is used as step size (i.e. number of items) each time an article is scanned.

The user can tap on the button to enable the scan mode. The quick add switches to the shopping cart. As soon as a code is scanned the corresponding article is automatically referenced. The keyboard is not available as long as the scan mode is active.

Most barcode scanner devices can be set to stand-by mode (temporarily). In this case, the scan mode is still active, but the keyboard is displayed and the user can enter values manually. If the device is enabled again, the keyboard is closed and locked again.

You can define barcode commands in order to be able to navigate without keyboard: