Configuring Company Conditions

You can define that the company conditions are applied. The same functions as for standard conditions are available.

To configure the company conditions:

  1. Specify the CompanyConfigName and CompanyScaleConfigName input arguments of the Configuration :Pricing action call, >> Configuration:Pricing.
  2. Define the company link fields manually, as they are not set by default.
  3. Define which fields are used as filter criteria in the List controls of the AUCopyFields field group by assigning the required functions. For example:
    Field Function
    Currency (4005) Currency
    FI-StaNo (0) (FI) FiGr
    FI-SerNo (1) (FI) FiNo
    Special Offer No. (59) SpecialOfferNumber
  4. The following FK.CompanyFilter is included in the update.tablet (BC) configuration: