Configuring Standard Conditions

You can define that standard conditions are applied.

To configure standard conditions:

  1. Specify the ConditionConfigName and ConditionScaleConfigName input arguments of the Configuration :Pricing action call, >> Configuration:Pricing.
    Note: Usually you do not need to enter the ConditionScaleConfigName as the filter for the condition is automatically applied.
  2. You need to define which fields are used as filter criteria in the List controls of the KDPricing or SKPricing field groups by assigning the required functions. For example:

    KDPricing List Control.

    Field Function
    Brand Brand
    Grade Grade
    Sector Sector
    Item No. ItemNumber
    Fixed price UnitPrice
    Discount Discount
    Discount vol. in kind FreeGoods

    SKPricing List Control

    Field Function Description
    Volume From MinQuantity Minimum quantity of a scale/bundle
    Volume Up To MaxQuantity Maximum quantity of a scale/bundle
    Discount Discount The discount applied to condition/scale/bundle
    Fixed price UnitPrice A fixed unit price applied to condition/scale/bundle
    Discount vol. in kind FreeGoods Free goods awarded to scale/bundle
    Item No.
  3. In addition, the following functions are also available for the SK fields, but are not used in the standard version's default configuration:
    • MinPrice: Minimum sum price of a bundle
    • MaxPrice: Maximum sum price of a bundle