Converting Currencies

You can define that price lists in other currencies than the order's currency can be applied. Prices are automatically converted based on the Base Currency info area. If no currency conversion was defined, ensure that only pricing data in the order's currency is given (e.g. using Copy fields or applying a Template filter).

To convert currencies:

  1. You need to define a Search&List configuration that references a field group (e.g. WKConversion) whose List control has the required Functions assigned:
    Field Function Comments
    Base Currency 1 BaseCurrency
    Base Currency 2 BaseCurrency2
    Conv. Factor1 ExchangeRate The exchange rate for Base Currency 1.
    Conv. Factor 2 ExchangeRate2 The (optional) exchange rate for Base Currency 2.
    Currency Currency The current currencies.

    If you want to convert one currency to another, and both are not the base currency, the first currency is converted to the base currency and then converted from the base currency to the second currency.

  2. Enter the Search&List name in the CurrencyConversionConfigName input argument of the Configuration :Pricing action call (from the Configuration:Pricing context menu action).
  3. You also need to specify the SourceCopyFieldGroup input argument of the SerialEntry action call by entering the name of the field group that has the Currency Function assigned. For example, for an order the default field group's name is PRCopyFields.