Configuring the Price List

You can define that the price lists defined in Aurea CRM web are also available in CRM.pad.

You can allocate items to the list prices by assigning the ItemNumber function.

Note: Allocating price lists by the item record itself is also available but only for compatibility purposes. Allocate price lists only by ItemNumber function.

To configure the price list:

  1. Specify the PriceListConfigName input argument in the SerialEntry action call. This enables
    • the currently valid price list records (based on the PL.OrderFilter).
    • the price and article properties for each article.
  2. The default PLPricing Search&List configuration references the PLPricing field group and applies the PL.OrderFilter.
  3. If you want to add brand or grade as filter criteria (in addition to ItemNumber), switch to the PLPricing field group and enter the following functions for the listed fields:
    Field Function
    End Price UnitPrice
    Item No. ItemNumber
    Brand Brand
    Grade Grade