Adding PDF Files to the Quick Add

You can also use PDF files to select items from the quick add. If defined accordingly, the items can be selected with the following icon:

To define that PDF files are "clickable":

  1. Open the desired PDF file in Acrobat Reader.
  2. Switch to the Comments tab.
  3. Select the "clickable" area.
    Note: Always select a rectangle as "clickable" area. You can use different shapes, but only rectangles within these shapes can be defined for input.
  4. Enter one of the following commands in the comment:
    Command Description

    <ItemNumber> or

    {"ItemNumber":<ItemNumber>} or


    Opens the Details view and increases the quantity by the specified step size.
    {"ItemNumber":<ItemNumber>,"StepMode":"noop"} Opens the Details view without changing the quantity.
    {"ItemNumber":<ItemNumber>,"StepMode":"inc", "StepSize":"10"} Opens the Details view and increases the quantity by 10.
    {"ItemNumber":<ItemNumber>,"StepMode":"set", "StepSize":"10"} Opens the Details view and sets the quantity to 10.
    {"ItemNumber":<ItemNumber>,"StepMode":"delete"} Removes the item from the shopping cart.
    {"ItemNumber":<ItemNumber>, "pdfHIColor":"#00FF0045"} The barcode that is "clickable" is highlighted with the color given in hex format.

    Replace <ItemNumber> by the value that you want to hand over to the field that has the CopyItemNumber function assigned (usually the item number).

    Example: {"ItemNumber": "11203","StepMode":"inc"}

    Note: Always enter a string value as item number. Therefore, the above example does not work if you enter {"ItemNumber":11203,"StepMode":"inc"}, even if an integer field is referenced.
  5. Enter the name of a Search&List configuration (defined in the D1 info area) in the ProductCatalogSource input argument of the SerialEntry action call. This Search&List configuration defines the icon of the button that is displayed in the quick add and the filter applied to limit the number of available documents.