Available Functions in the Standard Quick Add

The following Functions can be assigned to fields in field groups:

Function Description

CopyItemNumber / CopyItemName

Data from the source field group is copied to the destination field group from and to the fields that have these functions assigned.

Note: If you do not use the copy functions, the Item Number field needs to be entered manually for the UP records, as the AR link does not work correctly in the order entry quick add.


Allows to specify a fixed value, e.g. FixedValue :3 or FixedValue:"<string>".


Defines that the specified step size for the items quantity is applied.


Defines that a Boolean value can be edited in lists. If not set (for each field), they can only be edited in the Details view.


Defines the quantity field needed for pricing, step size and more.


Defines the field for the free goods (needed for pricing).


UnitPrice multiplied by Quantity.


Base price of an item.


EndPrice minus discount.


Defines the currency field.


If this field is not set to ServerApprove :true, the fields with the UnitPrice + NetPrice Functions assigned are displayed in italic.

The fields that have the Quantity, Discount, and FreeGoods functions assigned are the fields where the user can enter data.

The EndPrice, UnitPrice, NetPrice, Currency, ServerApproved,and StepSize functions define functions that are specific to the order's quick add.

Functions required for entering data in a PDF file:

Function Description


Defines that an image from the source's root info area is displayed.


This field is used to match-up the records from the PDF with the database.

Functions required for the quota calculation:

Function Description


Optional. Defines the quota for a specific time period for an item and overrides the default settings specified for the Configurtation :Quota action call (if the field exists and its value is < 0).


Defines the number of items of the current time period that are still available


Defines the time period's end.


Defines the time period as calendar year (if the field with EndDate assigned does not contain a valid date).


Optional. If the CalendarYearPeriods was defined in the Configuration :Quota action call, this field is used to calculate the end of the previous time period.


If a field has this function assigned and its value is either empty or 0, samples can be issued without limit. If its value is < 0, the maximum number of issued samples is limited to the field's value.