The Quick Add Online and Offline

The quick add stores each item when the use switches to another item. If a server connection is available, the records are stored online on the server, otherwise they are stored locally on the device and must be synchronized later on.

In online mode when the quick add ist closed, all remaining changes are transferred to the server, the server's business logic is applied (including custom triggers) and all the modified records (including the root record) are reloaded from the server after being saved. For example, pricing calculations carried out by triggers for an order record are immediately displayed in CRM.pad.

Some functions are, however, implemented in CRM.pad to ensure that they are also available in offline mode, e.g.:

When configuring the quick add, ensure that the business logic applied on the server does not interfere with the client's business logic but still enables the client to carry out subsequent processes. Example: Prices applied offline by the pricing must not be transferred to the server (and, therefore, cannot override the business logic applied on the server). The order summery is generated on the client.