Configuring QR Code Scanning for Business Cards

The following example shows how to configure scanning business card to add a new a contact person (KP).

To configure the QR scan function to scan business cards to add a new a contact person (KP):

  1. Click on Infoareas on the start page and then switch to the Person in Company (KP) info area.
  2. Add a field group, e.g. KP scan:

  3. Assign the following Function names to the following fields:
    Field Function
    Last Name vcard.n.lastname
    First Name vcard.n.firstname
    Mobile Tel
    Birth Date vcard.bday
    Internal Name
    Postal Code vcard.adr.postalcode
    Ort vcard.adr.locality
    Street vcard.adr.street
    Website vcard.url
  4. Add an Expand configuration, e.g. KP_Scan, to the KP info area and and assign the previously added field group, e.g KP_Scan:

  5. Switch to the Buttons area (from the start page) and add a button (e.g. AddPerson_Scan), assign the NewView action and specify the following input arguments:
    Input Argument Value
    keyboardWithScannedSuggestions CONTROLS
    ConfigName KP_Scan
    LinkRecord Record
  6. Add the button to the desired Expand header.