QR Code scanning plain text to add a person in EditView

Perform the following steps in the CRM.Designer to add a person in EditView by scanning a QR Code:

  1. Open the All Info Areas page and select PE (Person) info area. The Info Area PE page displays.
  2. Add a new field group PE QR Scan for the update.tablet configuration. The Field Controls for 'PE QR Scan’ page displays.
    Note: Note: In this sample configuration we use the Person (PE) info area. But this is applicable to any infoarea.
  3. Select the Edit Control. Set up the panels as shown in the following screen shot. Select the field First Name (4).

  4. Enter the value qrcode.text for the Function attribute of the Field “First Name”.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Go to the Start Page and click Expands under Info Area. The All Expands Page displays.
  7. Create new expand configuration PE_Scan for the Person (PE) info areaand copy the default configuration.
  8. Open the PE_Scan expand view. The ExpandView ‘PE_Scan’ page displays.
  9. Set up the ExpandView as shown in the screenshot below:

  10. Click Save. Go to the Start Page.
  11. Add a button ScanPlainTextPerson to and copy from the Edit Person button.
  12. Open the ScanPlainTextPerson button. The Button ‘Scan Edit’ page displays.
  13. Open the Action template. The Action for Button ScanPlainTextPerson dialog displays. Select the EditView action template.
  14. Configure the keyboardWithScannedSuggestion argument with CONTROLS as the input value. Click Apply. See the screenshot below:

  15. Click Save and go to the Start Page.
  16. Add the button to the expand view header. Click Headers. The Headers page displays.

  17. Open the PE QR Scan header group. The Header Group PE QR Scan for Infoarea Person (PE) page opens.

  18. Select Search expand option. The Header Search, Header Group 'PE QR Scan' page opens.
  19. Select ScanPlainTextPerson button from the drop-down list in the Buttons pane. Click + to add the button to the Header. See the screenshot below:

  20. Click Save. The Configured user will now be able to scan and edit Person details from a plain text QR Code.
  21. The following screenshot shows the QR Code for a name in plain text.