Configuring Client Reports

Example for a client report based on an order record:

  1. Assign the ClientReport action to the desired context menu action, >> ClientReport.


You can influence the element names in the XML file:

  1. Switch to the List control of the client report's field group (in the following example the AUClientReport field group that is available in the update.tablet configuration of the OTC vertical).
  2. Ensure that the following Functions (i.e. the fields' XML element names) are assigned:
    Field Function
    Order No. OrderNumber
    Status Status
    Date Date
    Company CompanyName
    Street Address0
    Postal Code Address0ZIP
    City Address0City
    Country Address0Country
    Street Address1
    Postal Code Address1ZIP
    City Address1City
    Country Address1Country
    Order Value Value
    Delivery Date DeliveryDate
    Discount Discount
    Status Status
    Rep ID Rep